Ads.txt Aggregator

Internet-wide crawl of ads.txt files aggregated into a single CSV file.

Updated hourly, our aggregator is a wholesale replacement for managing your own ads.txt crawler. Designed to simplify enforcement of ads.txt files and fight ad fraud.

Currently tracking 21,033 domains, 347 advertisers, and 122,658 ads.txt records.

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Ads.txt lets publishers declare which publisher account IDs are authorized to advertise on a website. Ads.txt adoption is growing and some advertisers are restricting ad buys to sites with ads.txt. Publishing authorized account IDs publicly increase transparency and helps advertisers to detect ad fraud.

In order to enforce ads.txt directives, ad networks must to crawl all ads.txt files. Building a web crawler is a difficult and costly to maintain.

That's where comes in. We do the web crawling for you. We make it easy for advertisers and ad networks to monitor ads.txt files by providing a downloadable ads.txt aggregate CSV file.


API Access

Free API Access to check if a publisher account ID is authorized on a domain or subdomain. Free tier has a lower rate limit for testing purposes. Subscribers have unlimited access.

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Ads.txt Aggregate File

Downloadable CSV file contain all ads.txt records across the entire web. Our aggregator is a wholesale replacement for managing your own ads.txt crawler. Complete CSV file and hourly diffs can be downloaded automatically.

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Fraction of the Cost

Comparable services cost $10k per year. Our Ads.txt Aggregator is only $1,000 / yr. We provide premium support to help with integrations and our service includes an API to check individual domains on-the-fly.

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Simple, transparent pricing. Free tier is perfect to testing out the API. Enterprise license for when you are ready to move to production.


$0 / yr

  • Limited API Access
  • Email support
  • No Commercial Use

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$1,000 / yr

  • Unlimited API Access
  • Ads.txt Aggregate File
  • Priority email support
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